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Frances McMahon

Frances McMahon

Masterfully painted, exquisitly detailed and completely original WATERCOLOUR BIRD PAINTINGS.



Born in January 1965, AUSTRALIAN artist Frances McMahon has had an avid passion in illustrating Australia's beautiful native birds since the age of five. Her talent was apparent at an early age, accepting her first commission when she was around fourteen, to renowned artist Paul Ashton Delprat, now principal of the Julian Ashton Art School. Paul swapped her painting for one of his etchings ~ a swap Frances was delighted with!

Her original paintings hang in private collections in New York, Minnesota, Ontario and her home country of Australia.

Developed over many years, her self-taught technique consists of airbrushed backgrounds (liquid acrylic), with the main work completed in watercolour and transparently applied gouache.
Using a minute brush, each painting may take between 30 and 230 hours to complete. Some details are so fine they may only be seen with a magnifying glass.
Ensuring the longevity of each original painting, only the finest quality archival materials are used. All paintings use either 1680gsm Canson Conservation Board OR 2000gsm Rising Museum Board for the ground. This is completely acid free, mildew and rot resistant, buffered against acid migration and free from optical brighteners. Additionally, only ASTM rated I or II paints are used, to ensure maximum lightfastness.

All original works are framed to the highest conservation standard, using museum quality 100% cotton rag matting, and Museum Glass, which cuts out 99% of damaging ultra-violet rays. The clarity and anti-reflective properties are truly astonishing.

From January 2013, all original paintings will come with a Certificate of Authenticity, signed and dated by the artist.

Frances is now offering stunning LIMITED EDITION GICLEE PRINTS of a few select works. The detail and quality has to be seen to be believed! For further information, please visit:

Commissions are welcome. Please click on the "ABOUT" tab for further information.

TIP: If you run your mouse over the image(s), bright green squares appear. LEFT CLICK on any square, and a full-resolution preview will appear. I recommend having a look at these, as these enlargements will give some idea of the detail involved.



My Country - Galah by Frances McMahon


Darkness Before the Deluge - Pale-headed Rosellas by Frances McMahon


The Pied Piper - Australian Magpie by Frances McMahon


Heatwave - Eastern Rosellas by Frances McMahon


Surf 'n' Turf - Franklin's Gulls by Frances McMahon


New Life - Little Lorikeets by Frances McMahon


The Happy Couple - Eastern Rosellas by Frances McMahon


Waiting for the Rains - Eastern Rosellas by Frances McMahon


Green and Gold - Yellow-Billed Kingfishers by Frances McMahon


Here Comes The Sun - Rainbow Bee-Eaters by Frances McMahon


Afternoon Repose - Rainbow Bee-Eaters by Frances McMahon


Lucky Seven - Gouldian Finches by Frances McMahon


Three Guys for Every Girl - Gouldian Finches by Frances McMahon


Rock Stars - Painted Finches by Frances McMahon


Splash - Pacific Black Duck by Frances McMahon


Morning Light - Cockatiels by Frances McMahon


A Friendly Face - Cockatiel by Frances McMahon


Our Beautiful Home - Crimson Rosellas by Frances McMahon


Colour and Light - Crimson Rosella by Frances McMahon


ANBG Brochure cover by Frances McMahon


Lofty Visions - Wedge-Tailed Eagle by Frances McMahon


Lone Star - Nanday Conure by Frances McMahon


Tranquillity - Ring-Necked Doves by Frances McMahon


In a Shaft of Sunlight - Sulphur-Crested Cockatoos by Frances McMahon


Those Hard to Reach Places - Australian Pelican by Frances McMahon


Still Waters - Chestnut Teal by Frances McMahon


Australian Eden - Rainbow Lorikeets by Frances McMahon


Bush Monarchs - King Parrots by Frances McMahon


ANBG Brochure - Sydney Region Gully by Frances McMahon


ANBG Brochure - Panorama by Frances McMahon


ANBG Brochure - Ponds and Lawn by Frances McMahon


ANBG Brochure - Brittle Gum Woodland by Frances McMahon


The Gorgeous Guys - Plum-Headed Parakeets by Frances McMahon